Ultimate Investing COURSES

Founded in 2019. Ultimate Investing is the brainchild of 3 guys, Ivan, Borwen and Paul. 

This company is founded with the mission to build a community of like-minded individuals to achieve Time and Financial freedom

Diversity can be found within the founders as each of them are equip with an individual unique skillset. 

The founders firmly believed in “less is more”. All the programs are condensed into simple yet powerful strategies that are highly applicable in the real world. 


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15& 16 JAN 2022

Ultimate Investing Bootcamp offers a comprehensive and highly applicable strategies base on Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis & Options Strategies.

You will learn and execute the proven strategies in the US and Singapore Stock Market.

fundamental investing

In this 2 days Bootcamp, we believe in giving you the required knowledge to fish on your own, so you will be able to make independent decisions in the market.


What makes us different is our B.O.A.T approach which allow us to invest with a holistic approach hence reducing our risks and increasing our returns at the same time. 


Here’s are some of our students and what they have to say about this program:


Here’s are some results from our students !


If you are ready to start your investment, join us and be part of this amazing investment community. 

Here’s some good news if you are joining us ! 

You will also be receiving this 2 bonuses from us.

  1. Full recording of the trainings and additional case study (Worth S$1,500)

  2. UI-INSIDER Stock Watchlist (Worth S$500)


Enjoy a special price of S$994 today ! 



UI-INSIDER is a community of LIKE-MINDED Investors where we focus on giving value to each other and helping everyone achieve results together. 

We have a Telegram Channel for daily stocks discussion and questions. 

Monthly Gathering for the latest stock opportunities and learning new strategies.

Our proprietary “BLACKBOX” that generates trading opportunities. 

All new INSIDER have to go through our INSIDER BREAKTHROUGH COACHING for 5 weeks to hone their investments skills and learn how to manage their emotions.

Applications to join the UI-INSIDER will only be open for those who attended our Flagship TREND INVESTING BOOTCAMP (TIB)