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“Clear Signal, Right Respond”

This is what I do in the investing world. 

I have been investing for 20 years. I started my investing journey when I was still at university. After I graduated, I joined one of the top stockbroking firms in Singapore as a Trading Representative (Stock Broker). I traded actively in Hang Seng warrants, penny stocks, commodities, CFD and indices. 

My 12 years as a Trading Representative has been a very fulfiling period. I have experience and gone through 3 major bull and bear cycles. I have greatly enhanced my trading skills, mindset and returns as a result. I specialised in using Technical Analysis for all my trades and incorporated Value Investing methodology into my armament in my later trading years. 

Since 2014, I started training and coaching investors on my trading methodologies that I have developed over almost two decades of real trading market experience. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to train investors from several countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Australia. 

I look forward to sharing my 20 years of trading experience and methodologies with investors who are keen and determine to succeed in Ultimate Investing programs. 


My Specialties

Momentum trading

trading psychology


value investing

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